So, as we embark on our twelfth year of business and are at a crossroads of growth, Chris and I took a moment to look back and reflect on where we have been and where we are going. How does this effect you? You ask.  Because I realized I have been running my business kind of like a used car salesman.  I felt like if I advertised all our offers I appear as though as I am chasing everyone’s business.  So, I have come to realize that we should I just run our business the way we feel is right and stop chasing rainbows. 

We are here because we believe in building each child’s character from the inside out.  We want to be so much more than just provide dance, theatre or music instruction.  To be a place where a child can escape all stresssors from the outside world, even for an hour a week, and provide them a home away from home.  To provide a listening ear and make them feel good about who they are.  Making them feel like they can come to you about anything, is who we are.  From pulling a baby tooth, comforting them for a loss of a pet, celebrating with them on the birth of a sibling or drying a tear after a fight with mom, this is what we were put here for.  The quality performing arts education is an automatic, but it is the personal attention that we pride ourselves on. 

So,we are beginning this blog in the hopes of getting people familiar with who we are and what we are about. Welcome to our journey.