It’s OK to Try!

Ok, this blog is for the kids this time. It’s great that I provide information for your parents on the arts and your creativity, but I realize who I really want to speak to is you guys.  Do you have friends that seem like they definitely know what they are supposed to do in their life? Like, they definitely know if they are good in sports and they are at a game every weekend and they live and breathe it? Or, you know the girl who is meant to be a cheerleader and she is at the gym every day after school and at cheer competitions every weekend? What about the girl in your class who is so into competitive dance? She dances like 8 hours a day and that is all she talks about? They are either doing this because they once showed an interest and asked to get involved or their parents just decided it for them and took it upon themselves to push them into these activities. That’s how most kids get involved in the extra stuff they do.


Then, there are kids like you. You might have thought that doing Hip Hop looked like fun. You may have gone to see your friend in the Nutcracker and thought you would love to be up there in that tutu. You may have seen the audition notice for the school play, and thought that might be kind of cool. Yet something has always held you back. You know your local theatre does shows, but the timing just wasn’t quite right. You wondered if you were good enough, and honestly you were a little scared to try.


Now, here is the cool thing. Everybody has a purpose in life. When we are young, it is up to our parents and teachers to help us find where our passion lies so we can find our purpose. As we get a little older, like your age, we can take some responsibility and control for ourselves and begin figuring it out on our own. This is where you have to do something a little scary and a little uncomfortable, and take a leap of faith. Go ahead and try just one thing you have always wanted to do. What is the worst thing that can happen to you? You mess up, you embarrass yourself? Or, you might just love it and be really good at it. You never know unless you try and doing something about it, even if it isn’t perfect, is a good first start. The more you try new things, the more confident you will become and you can open up yourself to a world of possibilities for yourself. I want you to try one thing you have always thought of doing but have never had the courage to try this week. Then, I want you to email me at and tell me what you did or what it was like and how it made you feel.


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