What is in Your Rehearsal Bag?

Imagefter We like to do this at random!  This week I snapped a picture at the studio to see what I brought in my dance bag 🙂

  • I always have my      script. If I get down time, I can always study or choreograph. You      performers, can run lines or look over dance moves.
  • A pencil to take      notes with – mucho important
  • My new Revolution Tap Shoes~ love
  • Jazz shoes.       My favorite are the slip ons
  • First Aid Kit if      you are a clumsy mess like me 
  • Sunscreen lip      balm, and lip gloss
  • A make-up bag.       I am not good about packing and unpacking my make-up, so I have a studio      only make-up bag with everything I need.
  • Baby Wipes – They      can cool you off, get make up off or are great for cleaning up anything.
  • Deodorant~ does anyone know an all natural kind that works?       
  •  A brush 🙂  
  • Bottle of Water – Gotta stay hydrated and keep those vocal      chords hydrated too when you are singing.


What’s in your rehearsal Bag??  




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