There’s Room For Everyone

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? This is a question I keep asking myself as an adult, I wished I had asked myself as a child growing up. You see, I always felt like I was supposed to be like everybody else and I wasn’t. I see this happening with so many kids today including my own children and I wish they could step outside of themselves and see that it is awesome to be different and special. God made them uniquely the way they are for a purpose.

I guess I never really clued into it until well after college, but I spent my whole life trying to wear the right clothes, say the right things, be involved in the right activities and try to live the right life. But then I stopped myself and asked, who says this is the right way? My kids fear if they do the wrong thing, they won’t fit it or they will be uncool. It’s ok, if we all fit in, the world would be a very boring place.

That’s what I love about theatre, especially children’s theatre. It celebrates children who all have very different strengths and are each special in their own way. I teach a theatre class to young children and yesterday I noticed that. What first may seem like a room full of rowdy kids and a classroom of kids a school teacher would cringe at, I find a treasure trove. The painfully shy child, is actually very observant and has a real passion for learning about theatre. The child who i can’t get to sit down, has so much passion for theatre she out acts everyone in the room. The littlest one who can’t even read yet and who most teachers would say is too young to get anything out of class is fearless and the first to try anything. A child with some developmental delays has the most caring heart of anyone in the class and gets the true meaning of ensemble.

Theatre has a wonderful way of taking any square peg and fitting it into a round hole. That is the beauty of theatre it takes all the colors and images to put the masterpiece together. So, theatre takes the shy, the awkward, the geeky, the nerdy, the athletes, the beauty queens, the hyper, the unmotivated nd makes something beautiful that every child can be proud they contributed an equal part to. What other activity can say that? There is a place for everyone here.