We Won….Now What?

Our kids just won a Superior Rating for their Festival in Disney this past weekend. But, what does that really mean. Is it more than the hardware they brought home? I think so. Is it about the respect and admiration they gained from the other groups attending who watched them? Maybe, partly. What does, winning, doing the best they can at this competition/festival really mean for them?

I would like to think it is more than all of the stuff that goes along with being a trophy winner. I would like to think it is how each one of these kids grew as an individual on their journey. It’s about the perseverance and the integrity they have learned along the way. It’s about them learning compassion for themselves and others that made them winners in my eyes. I could care less if they were the top ranked children’s theatre in the nation or counted the number of medals they won. None of that matters to me. It’s seeing the oldest child in our troupe, take the time to stop and encourage one of the younger ones even when he may have been slightly annoyed by them. It’s about our group taking the time to stop, clap and compliment another group that went after it because it was the right thing to do. It’s about half of our cast being sick the week before we went, and the rest pulling together and picking up the slack for the ones who couldn’t be there. It’s about the love they show to each other even though they probably seemed like the most unlikely to be friends in the beginning.

These kids chose to travel together, eat together, laugh together and cry together. Learning to pick the other up when they fall, helping the under dog. That’s what our Trope is about and that is what makes them winners to me. So, while winning a trophy is nice and all, it means more to me to watch these kids mature into young adults who have class and that’s is all the trophy I need,


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