To the Mom of the Screaming Preschooler

Got your attention? Good, I want to talk to you. I know you are frustrated. Did you have to carry your child out of Ballet class this week screaming or off the soccer field or out of the gymnastics place? We have all been there, and let me assure you this is no reflection on you as a mother or has any effect on the future success of your child’s achievements. Dear moms, this too shall pass and although it may feel like a million eyes are watching or judging you, I am sure the other parents just feel compassion and know what it feels like to be in your shoes. Remember, God never gives us more than we can bear and I truly believe that these little tests God puts out there, are meant to strengthen our faith in him and show us that if we just rely on him, he will always give us the strength to press on.

I have so been right there where you are. My daughter tried gymnastics when she was four. After the third class, the instructor came out and suggested to me that maybe gymnastics wasn’t her thing because she cried the entire hour of all three classes. My son did the same thing at soccer and karate. And let me tell you, at the time I was mortified and convinced my young children would fail in life because they didn’t have a passion by age 5. I felt like a failure as a mother. The thing is though, we can’t force a passion on our kids. Their passion is their gift from God and it may take them a lifetime to find it and our only job as parents, I believe, is to expose them to a variety of things to let them be able to discover it themselves.

So don’t be discouraged or embarrassed by these public outbursts from your kids. I know it’s no fun carrying a preschooler rigid with dead weight kicking and screaming to the car. We all have been there and you too will survive. Just remember this too shall pass.


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