When we opened up 19 years ago, I wanted to open up a studio that was different than any other around,I wanted one that became a way of life for people. I am from a smaller town in Alabama and I have the fondest memories of being a part of a community theatre that made me feel like a family. That I was an important part of something. I vividly remember being at rehearsal and adult actors in the cast would be helping me with my algebra homework. I remember one of the seamstresses for the shows would bake me goodies and bring them to me at rehearsal. I remember going out to dinner with entire casts of adults and children and my parents never questioning my safety or who I was with. They were my extended family. I wanted to recreate that here at OBCT.

There are many studios and theatres where kids can come and take classes and do shows and they make lifelong friends and memories. But, I wanted something more. I wanted a place where we could do life with each other. So it has become not just about the kids, but the parents and siblings as well. I have watched our families support each other through bouts of cancer, divorces, births, weddings, you name it. These are the connections you know you can pick up the phone at 3am and call on and they wouldn’t think twice about coming to your side. It’s about being able to vent, shares hopes, dreams and disappointments. We come from all walks of life, different religions, beliefs and stages of life but we share an amazing bond. This is what I wanted my studio to be about.

Yes, we connect kids with their passion and help them discover the gifts that God gave them and that is so important but we also connect families and that is a good place to be. So right here from time to time I will blog not just to the students but to their parents, siblings and grandparents about things I think theatre can teach us about life and how to exist in this crazy world. Enjoy!

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