10 Things I Want My Theater Kid to Know

1. God gave you a gift and a passion. How you use it, is your gift back to God. Don’t even be ashamed of it or try to hide it.Let your light shine and be your own unique self.

2. Always be humble and stay true to who you are. In this world you are entitled to nothing. Everything is a gift. No one is above anyone else and we are all on the same team working towards the same goal. Don’t try to be something you’re not to impress people.

3. Show Grace to others and yourself. No one is perfect and we are just here on this Earth for a short time to learn. Be kind to others and yourself. When you see someone struggling, offer a helping hand. If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s okay to admit you need help.

4. Have a grateful heart. Being here and doing what we love is a true blessing. Never take that for granted. Others would love to have the opportunities we have, so we should be thankful.

5. Build each other up. Don’t tear each other down. There’s enough negative in the world. Don’t add to the drama. It takes a lot less effort to make someone feel good versus taking the time to find things wrong with someone. Words have the power to hurt or heal. You decide.

6. Don’t leave anyone out. Theatre is a place where everyone should be a family. No one should be left alone on the sidelines watching. Be the one who steps up and invites the ones who were left behind to join in the family.

7. Learn to listen, really listen. Don’t be so quick to answer and have your opinion heard, that you completely miss the message being spoken to you.

8. Just do what is asked, and you will succeed. It’s that simple. Simply do what is requested and you’ll get it right every time.

9. Learn to forgive and don’t hold a grudge. That baggage is going to weigh you down like a lead weight. Practice forgiveness and move forward. You don’t have to become best friends, but it makes working together so much easier.

10. It doesn’t matter what you view as success. Being a Broadway star, a teacher, a student, a parent and entrepreneur… whatever it is. If you were using the gifts God gave you, then you’re right where you should be. That is success.


Healthy Rehearsal Snacks

This week I snapped a picture at the studio to see what some healthy snacks are to bring to rehearsal to keep you fueled up. 🙂
• Bananas. They are a naturally sweet energy booster.
• Frozen Grapes. These are great to cool you off during a sweaty dance rehearsal.
• Apple Slices. Apples are awesome for singers. They strip the mucus off your vocal chords and help you sing better.
• Cheese sticks. A little protein boost for you.
• Peanut Butter, another great source of protein. I like the little to go cups.
• Greek yogurt. Yummy and filling to tie you over until mealtime.
• Pretzels. A salty little snack with a crunch to satisfy the growling tummy.
• Any kind of nuts are a quick pick me up of protein
• Lastly, granola or cereal bars. They are a sweet, salty treat to refuel after a long day.
• A vitamin water. A little something extra besides water, but better than juice because it won’t coat your throat.
• Bottle of Water – Gotta stay hydrated and keep those vocal chords hydrated too when you are singing.

What’s in your rehearsal snack bag??
♡ Shannon


What is in Your Rehearsal Bag?

Imagefter We like to do this at random!  This week I snapped a picture at the studio to see what I brought in my dance bag 🙂

  • I always have my      script. If I get down time, I can always study or choreograph. You      performers, can run lines or look over dance moves.
  • A pencil to take      notes with – mucho important
  • My new Revolution Tap Shoes~ love
  • Jazz shoes.       My favorite are the slip ons
  • First Aid Kit if      you are a clumsy mess like me 
  • Sunscreen lip      balm, and lip gloss
  • A make-up bag.       I am not good about packing and unpacking my make-up, so I have a studio      only make-up bag with everything I need.
  • Baby Wipes – They      can cool you off, get make up off or are great for cleaning up anything.
  • Deodorant~ does anyone know an all natural kind that works?       
  •  A brush 🙂  
  • Bottle of Water – Gotta stay hydrated and keep those vocal      chords hydrated too when you are singing.


What’s in your rehearsal Bag??